Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Broken Glasses...and much more!!

You know you have gone crazy when you try to write something for your broken glasses...or may be this is just a front for other things. Whatever be the case, lets not delve into those murky details, and leave the semantics to me. So, here it goes...

On a quiet peaceful day of May, which was not long gonna stay
circumstances did their part, and my glasses fell apart

Thee lay shattered on the ground, feeling all the eyes around
And I just left thee there, typical of an ungrateful kind

But now when I look through the haze, I recall those sunny days
And thy sway comes to the fore, if only I'd known before

Thee were the strength, thine was the authority
and thy was the lucidity, evinced in my mind

Thine were the insights, thy were the dreams
and thy was the light, reflected in my eyes

Thee were my mask, thee were my window
and thy is the comfort i am starving for

Life is not what it was, without thee;
a ray of hope in this despair were thee.

Thee have left me now...and the light is gone
but the kindling is still there
If someone could just match the sparkle, thee had for me...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


It is raining outside...
Behold thou earth, for the heavens cry for you.
Rejoice thou land, for those scars will be gone tomorrow.
But what about those barren lands inside...?
for all i can muster is just a few drops...!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Sleep Paradigm

At first you just lay there...thinking about nothing in particular...yawning in between, giving a green signal for sleep to come. And sometimes, just then you hear a constant faint sound in the backdrop of your thougths...the sound of your heartbeat. Your thoughts get a direction and thus starts the battle of wits...between your thoughts and the heartbeat sound...You lie awake, if the thoughts have the undivided attention of your mind...you go to sleep as and when thoughts start losing to the sound...The thing is, eventually it is heartbeats who always prevail...if not today then may be tomorrow or the day after...but what if someday the thoughts are raring to go and the heartbeats give up...have the thoughts really won this time? Who will decide? certainly not you...!!