Friday, June 25, 2010

An Ode to Sleep

That elusive, eternal sleep,
Refreshing the mind 
And comforting as if,
One has reached atop 
A mountain, high and steep.
Or, has 
Touched the floor 
Of an ocean, blue and deep.
These highs and lows 
So unlike, the ones
You'll get with a wine cheap.
Ah! If only I could get,
That eternally elusive sleep.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


क्या बतायें फ़साना, हम अपना तुम्हें
कर हीं देतीं हैं बयां ये आँखें, लम्हे दर लम्हे
पर शायद तुम करते हो बस चेहरों से मुलाकात
तभी पढ़ नही पाते हो इन कहती आँखों की बात.

पर गम ना करो, कहने को है भी नही कुछ ख़ास
उड़ जाती है खुशबु, रह जातें हैं तो बस मेरे काश
और जिंदगी बन कर रह गयी है इक जले का दाग
मिटाने को जिसे छेड़ा हो जैसे, किसी ने बारिशों का राग

और उन कातिल बारिशों से टकराती जूझती
सहमती, सिसकती, तो कभी जरा भड़कती
छोटी ही सही, पर अब भी दहक रही है आग
के बुझ ना पातें हैं मेरे, ये आशा-ए-चराग...   

Monday, June 07, 2010

A Tribute to "Metallica"

This is my tribute to "Metallica". "The Learned Ones" already know the importance of words that are bold, and I've chosen my favorite ones.

Oh! I hear The Call Of Ktulu,
That dreaded call, but for whom he calls?
And I hear the bell toll,
But For Whom The Bell Tolls?
I do not know, neither does the Astronomy.
So just pour metal(lica) into my veins
For I go to War...That is all there is,
And Nothing Else Matters.

O My Friend(s) Of Misery,
Do not cry, neither sing
The Low Man's Lyric,
When I fall and become,
Or not, The Hero Of The Day.
For I've remained King Nothing
for ages, ...and its time for justice,
justice for me, ...And Justice For All.

Oh! Its the day Of Wolf And Man within you,
The Day, for which a lifetime you may wait,
And yet, The Day That Never Comes.
Though that Tuesdays' Gone, but I remember
What the Mama (had) Said. Oh she'd said not to fear
But to live. "Carpe Diem Baby", she'd said,
"For you've already been dubbed The Unforgiven,
By the One...that Master Of Puppets".

Oh! I remember, 'cause The Memory Remains
Like a Thorn Within, and will Fade To Black
With me, but only when its time to fade.
And then, Enter (the) Sandman will,
For now it'll be his turn, his turn to Turn The Page.
And I'll happily Ride The Lightning holding my Fuel,
—My Whiskey In The Jar, and roam Wherever I may Roam.
This is how I'll meet The God That Failed, however Sad But True.